Purple Southwestern Skies

Course Length: 
2023 - 03:13
Color Theme: 
Subject Matter: 

This Southwestern Landscape is 2 hours and 13 minutes. It is broken up into 6 parts and each part is approximately 20 min each. This painting is is a modeling/impressionistic painting style. It is a layered painting with a large sky and small foreground. You will start with the Sky.
Suki will guide you from start to finish. You will have email access to her so she can answer all question you may have. Once the video is purchased shortly after you will receive an email with a picture (drawing) of the piece, if one is called for. Start by giving yourself a 2 hour start and try to paint some every day or every other day. You will move forward and make a beautiful master piece to hang or give to a loved one.

Course Price: 
40.00 | 70.00
Purple Souhtwestern Skies MP4 Class