Sunkist Sailing Acrylic Painting Class

Course Length: 
2023 - 02:45
Color Theme: 
Subject Matter: 

Sunkist Sailing is a blending and lay it down leave-it-there painting style. The beginning of the painting teaches blending and after that it gets easier. The long version includes subtitles, paint mixing, it's 1 hour and 45 min in it's entirety. It is broken up into 4 segments, each part is 20-25 min. long. This is a modern seascape that evokes the feeling of tranquility. The techniques are easy and fun. The course is broke up into 4 parts for easy downloads. Suki Willoughby will guide you and talk to you about brushes, colors and so much more about her painting techniques. Once you purchase the class expect an email with your series of classes. Suki will be available for questions, you will enjoy your paint time with her.

Course Price: 
70.00 | 40.00 | 1.00
Sunkist Sailing virtual Class with Suki 9-15-20