About Suki

My education started early on as I studied art throughout my young life, hugely supported by my parents to explore the arts. My travels abroad to SE Asia an Italy increased my knowledge. Having gained my art schooling in a comprehensive manner a Art Masters Academy for several years in the 90’s learned the do’s and don'ts for all the art mediums and painted everyday for years and my proficiency grew and grew.

I trained in all manner of subjects and was awarded the Maestas mentorship program. I acted as the apprentice to the renowned late master/ artist Louis Maestas. My early works taught me immeasurable amounts.

Early works at the Academy

Learning so much enabled me to then inspire the hidden creativity to students that yearned to grow as artists. From this rich experience I was moved to open the online School. I realized I could reach more artists and help those interested along their path.

I love to Paint and am a patient and nurturing teacher. I have studied under Zhang Wenxin and Lange Marshall. I’m obsessed with colors and when I sleep I dream of painting, pigments and ideas flow!! I enjoy the ritual of set up my paints and planning my next painting. My favorite painters are John Singer Sargent, John Asaro, Mary Cassatt, Nicolai Fechin, Edgar Degas, and Manet. I love the seaside and cityscapes subjects. I go between commissioned work and modern colorful people and nature. I believe anyone has the ability to paint or draw, but hitting just the right spot is about developing the artist's eye. I will help you from start to finish to develop this. I am imbued by color and making an artistic drawing as well as shapes, light and shadows. I’ve become so obsessed I can't stop painting! Inspiration also comes from artistic cinematography, architecture is wonderful too.